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Join the exhilarating journey via ancient China and chase after fortunes with BC Game's cutting-edge sensation, Fortune Tiger. Crafted with the aid of the esteemed company PG Soft, this online slot promises an immersive revel amidst the historical landscapes of China. As you mission forth, arm yourself with auspicious charms to beautify your luck and enlarge your odds of triumph. Every spin can unveil bountiful rewards, with victories reaching up to an incredible 2,500 instances of your initial bet.
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Introducing Fortune Tiger: Embark on an Epic Journey

Enter the world of Fortune Tiger, where ancient legends come to life in a mesmerizing tale of strength, immortality, and the bonds between humanity and nature.

In the heart of the mystical Immortal empire lies the secret to eternal lifestyles, gardenia none other than the mythical golden tiger. This impressive creature, with fur that glows like the dawn and eyes that preserve the secrets and techniques of the universe, has captivated the imagination of people for centuries.

Main information about Fortune Tiger at the BC.Game Casino

As the sun units on some other 12-year cycle, anticipation mounts for the beginning of a new golden cub. In honor of this rare and auspicious occasion, the emperor has opened the gates of Immortal to site visitors from some distance and wide. It is stated that the birth of the tiger cub will bring in a bath of golden rain, a celestial phenomenon that guarantees to bring prosperity and recovery to all who witness it.

But the journey to Immortal is not without its challenges. Along the way, adventurers will stumble upon mystical creatures, historical temples, and assessments of courage and wit. Only people who prove themselves worthy will earn the hazard to behold the miracle of the golden rain and indulge in its divine blessings.

ProviderPocket Games Soft (PG Soft)
Game Type🎰  Video Slot
Fortune tiger RTP (return to player)96.81%
Minimum BetπŸ’² €0.25 per spin or equivalent amount in cryptocurrency
Maximum BetπŸ’² €250 per spin or equivalent amount in cryptocurrency
JackpotπŸ’° 2,500x your stake

Join us on a quest like no other, as we embark on a journey to liberate the secrets and techniques of Fortune Tiger and find out the actual means of immortality. The fate of the empire rests in your handsβ€”will you upward thrust to the challenge, or will you fade into legend like so many before you?

Fortune Tiger Game Guidelines

Before embarking on your gaming journey, we kindly ask you to take a second to check the following regulations for playing online casinos journey:

  1. Simply faucet the button to provoke spinning with the contemporary Bet Lines and Bet Size.
  2. To convey the reels to a halt, the faucet inside the sports location.
  3. For PC customers exclusively, press the targeted key to start spinning with the modern Bet Lines, Bet Size, and Bet Level.
  4. In the PC model handiest, preserving the important thing will maintain the sport spinning till it’s far launched.

Fortune Tiger Slot: Diverse Betting Choices and Lucrative Payouts

Embodying 5 dynamic pay traces, Fortune Tiger Slot stands as a beacon amongst its friends within the realm of slot games. To unlock the entire potential of your wagers, the magic quantity lies in forming a trio of matching symbols, beginning from the leftmost reel. Delve into the depths of the sport’s intricacies by sincerely clicking the special button at BC.Game Crypo casino web page to unveil the comprehensive paytable, illuminating the direction to effective combos.

Within this captivating sport lies a spectrum of have-a-bet alternatives, tailor-made to cater to the diverse whims of every player bold enough to test their luck. From the modest starting stake of 0.25 USD to the exciting heights of 250 USD in line with spin, the degree is ready for fortune’s fickle hand to intrude. Seize the opportunity and pave the manner for monumental triumphs, potentially scaling heights of as much as x2,500 instances the preliminary guess.

Venture into the wild, where untold riches look ahead. Align 3 elusive wild symbols to achieve the rewards of x250, whilst the gleaming allure of 3 gold ingots beckons forth a pleasant bounty of 100x. Behold the serenity of 3 green jade decorations, granting a generous payout of 25x, or steady your fortunes with 3 lucky baggage, bestowing upon you a handsome praise of 10x.

Even the standard symbols harbor the promise of prosperity. Witness the auspicious charm of 3 lucky pink packets, imparting an attractive 8x return, or ignite the flames of fortune with firecrackers. Amidst the colorful tapestry of symbols, the emblematic essence of another Chinese way of life unfolds, promising a thrilling adventure with every spin.

Step Into the World of Fortune Tiger: Try the Demo Version for Free!

Get equipped to unleash the exhilaration of Fortune Tiger with our unfastened Demo Version! Dive into the heart-pounding movement of this thrilling slot without being worried about your wallet. Test out distinct betting techniques, enjoy limitless spins, and soak in all the thrills Fortune Tiger has to offer.

Try out the demo today, and if good fortune is on your side, take your gaming to the subsequent degree with the real deal wherein you may win some brilliant prizes. Simply comply with the link to sign up on BC.Game and get prepared to revel in the magic of Fortune Tiger!

Demo version of Fortune Tiger on BC.Game official site

The Thrilling Features of Fortune Tiger Slot

Immerse yourself inside the captivating international of Fortune Tiger, an Oriental-themed slot game designed to enthrall both newbies and pro players alike. With a return-to-participant charge, this game promises a thrilling revel in filled with capacity winnings. Here are some of the thrilling features that wait for you:

  • Win multiplier. Experience the joys of multiplying your winnings via 10 with the Win Multiplier characteristic. When all symbols align flawlessly at the reels, prepare to attain rewards of up to 2500 instances of your overall wager.
  • Wild symbol. Keep an eye fixed out for the enthralling dancing tiger, the Wild image of Fortune Tiger. This symbol has the strength to substitute for different symbols, growing your chances of hitting prevailing mixtures and claiming attractive prizes.
  • Fortune Tiger feature. Brayourselfelf for sudden fortunes with the Fortune Tiger Feature, which can be induced randomly in the course of any spin. During this thrilling segment, an image, aside from the Wild symbol, is chosen at random. The reels will then completely show the selected image, the Wild symbol, or blank spaces. Should another image appear at the reels, whether or not using threat or through a Wild symbol substitution, all reels will respond with the formerly found symbols locked in the vicinity. The characteristic continues until the reels stop spinning without any extra symbols, at which factor any wins are right away.
Wild Symbol at BC Game fortune tiger slot

With its dynamic gameplay and engaging rewards, Fortune Tiger is a need-to-attempt slot game that guarantees infinite pleasure and opportunities for huge wins. Play now and unleash the success of the tiger at BC Game’s Fortune Tiger slot.

Discovering Success with Fortune Tiger: Deciphering Lucrative Symbols

Fortune Tiger gives an exciting gaming revel, wherein the pathway to sizeable victories lies in studying an assortment of bonus symbols and charming functions. Among those are the bold Wild Symbols, boasting the capability to yield an excellent payout of as much as 250 times your initial guess, alongside the influential Multiplier symbol and the captivating Lucky Tiger function.

Symbols Within the Fortune Tiger Game

In the world of Fortune Tiger, an array of symbols awaits, each providing varying ranges of payouts. These encompass an orange, bells, a coin pouch, a pot of cash, and a green ornament. Refer to the desk below to figure out the payouts associated with each symbol whilst you place bets at the maximum level:

SymbolSet of 3
🍊 Orange3x your stake
πŸ”” Bells5x your stake
πŸ’° Coin Pouch8x your stake
🍯 Pot of Coins10x your stake
πŸŽ„ Green Ornament25x your stake

Conversely, the game also has symbols that pay out extra. Among these are the Fortune Tiger and a Gold Sycee. To view the rewards for every image while you bet at most, visit the desk below:

SymbolSet of 3
πŸͺ™ Gold Sycee100x your stake
🐯 Fortune Tiger250x your stake

The Dynamic Symbols of Fortune Tiger

Embark on a thrilling adventure via the paranormal realm of Fortune Tiger, wherein every image holds a special significance. At the heart of the sport lie two excellent symbols, every with its extraordinary power to decorate your fortunes.

Behold the Wild Symbol, embodied by none aside from the majestic Fortune Tiger itself. As you navigate the reels, this dazzling creature stands equipped to unharness its prowess, assuming the position of the Wild symbol. With a sleek sweep, it can replace all other paying symbols, paving the manner for impressive mixtures and bountiful rewards.

But the wonders do not stop there. Prepare to be enthralled using the Multiplier Symbol, depicted as a pot of glowing coins embellished with the coveted 10x multiplier. When fortune smiles upon you and aligns all symbols in a winning combination, the Multiplier image springs into movement, amplifying your rewards with its ambitious energy. Brace yourself for a fantastic surge as your winnings are improved by way of an impressive 10x, promising exceptional riches with every spin.

In the mesmerizing realm of Fortune Tiger, these symbols are not simply icons at the reels – they’re gateways to boundless possibilities, where success and the future intertwine to create unforgettable moments of triumph. So, harness the energy of the Wild and the potency of the Multiplier, and let the adventure unfold as you chase your goals amidst the mystical attraction of Fortune Tiger.


What time of day is good for playing BC Game's Fortune Tiger slot device?

Since Fortune Tiger is a game of hazard and appropriate fortune can strike at any time, there’s no perfect time to play.

Which Fortune Tiger online casino sport has what RTP?

Fortune Tiger has a 96.81% RTP, which is alternatively appealing.

What is Fortune Tiger's degree of volatility?

Fortune Tiger has a moderate degree of volatility.

What is the very best viable win on the BC Game Fortune Tiger slot device?

Impressively, the most feasible win is 2,500 times your wager.

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