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Hop on an exciting trip through old China and hunt for riches with BC Game's new thrill, Fortune Tiger. Made with help from the well-known maker PG Soft, this web game lets you dive deep into China's past. As you go, grab good luck charms to help your luck and up your chances of winning big. Each turn might show rich prizes, with wins up to an amazing 2,500 times your first bet.
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Meet BC Game Fortune Tiger: Start an Amazing Quest

Step into Fortune Tiger’s realm, where old tales wake up in a thrilling story of might, forever life, and the ties between folk and the wild.

Deep in the magic Forever kings’ land is the key to never-ending life, held by the legend golden tiger. This grand beast, with its fur shining like the sunrise and eyes holding deep secrets of space, has caught the hearts of many for ages.

Main information about Fortune Tiger at the BC.Game Casino

As the day ends on a 12-year span, folks wait eager for a new golden young tiger. For this rare good event, the king has let people come to the Forever lands from all over. Folk say the young tiger’s coming will cause gold rain from the sky, a wonder thought to give riches and fix to all who see it.

Yet, going to the Forever lands is hard. On their path, seekers will meet magic beasts, old holy places, and trials of brave acts and smartness. Just those who show they are worthy will get to see the magic gold rain and enjoy its holy gifts.

ProviderPocket Games Soft (PG Soft)
Game Type🎰  Video Slot
Fortune tiger RTP (return to player)96.81%
Minimum BetπŸ’² €0.25 per spin or equivalent amount in cryptocurrency
Maximum BetπŸ’² €250 per spin or equivalent amount in cryptocurrency
JackpotπŸ’° 2,500x your stake

Embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of Fortune Tiger slot and discover the true meaning of immortality. The fate of the empire rests in your handsβ€”will you rise to the challenge or fade into legend?

Fortune Tiger Game Tips

Before you start your play run, please take a short look at these rules for betting online:

  1. Just hit the button to begin the spin using the set Bet Lines and Bet Amount.
  2. To stop the spin early, tap in the game area.
  3. Only for those on a computer, press the specific button to spin with set Bet Lines, Bet Amount, and Bet Level.
  4. On the computer version, if you hold down the key, the game keeps spinning until you let go.

Fortune Tiger Casino Game: Many Bet Options and Big Wins

Packed with 5 active win lines, Fortune Tiger Online Slot shines among other slot games. To hit it big, you need to line up three same symbols, starting on the first reel. Just click the button at BC.Game Crypto casino to see the full list of wins, showing you how to get lucky combos.

This fun game offers a range of betting choices for every kind of player feeling brave. You can start with just 0.25 USD per spin or go up to 250 USD, setting the stage for big or even huge wins, with up to x2,500 your starting bet. Step into the wild for hidden treasure. Get three wilds to win x250, or three gold bars for a win of 100x. Find three green jade pieces for a 25x reward, or grab three lucky bags to get a 10x gift. Even the normal icons can bring wealth. See three red packets for a good 8x win, or set off firecrackers for more. With lots of lucky signs, this game offers a touch of Chinese culture and keeps things thrilling with each spin.

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BC.Game Fortune Tiger: Play the free trial!

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Demo version of Fortune Tiger on BC.Game official site

The Thrilling Features of Fortune Tiger Slot

With a high return potential, Fortune Tiger offers an exciting adventure and multiple ways to win. Discover these features:

  • Win booster. Feel the excitement of boosting your wins by 10 with the Win Booster part. When every symbol lines up just right on the reels, get ready to score huge, up to 2500 times your bet.
  • Wild sign. Watch for the captivating dancing tiger, the Wild sign in Fortune Tiger. This sign can replace other signs, upping your shot at winning combos and nice rewards.
  • Fortune Tiger part. Get ready for surprise riches with the Fortune Tiger Part, which might start at any moment during a spin. In this fun bit, a sign, other than the Wild sign, is picked by chance. The reels will then show only the picked sign, the Wild sign, or empty spots. If a new sign shows up, on purpose or by a Wild, all the reels will fill up, keeping the first signs in place. The part goes on until no new symbols come, then any wins you scored are added up right away.
Wild Symbol at BC Game fortune tiger slot

With its lively play and fun prizes, Fortune Tiger is a must-try game that offers endless joy and chances for big scores. Spin the reels now and let out the tiger’s win streak at BC Game’s Fortune Tiger slot.

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Win big with Fortune Tiger: Unlocking the Power of Rich Icons

Fortune Tiger offers a thrilling game time, where the road to big wins is tied to learning a mix of extra icons and enticing tricks. Some key ones are the strong Wild Icons, with the power to give out a huge pay of up to 250 times what you bet, along with the powerful Multiplier icon and the attractive Lucky Tiger trick.

Icons in the Fortune Tiger Play

Within Fortune Tiger’s realm, a set of icons is ready, each with its own payout scale. These include an orange, ringing bells, a bag of coins, a full money pot, and a jade adornment. Check the chart below to see what each icon will pay you when your bets are at their highest:

SymbolSet of 3
🍊 Orange3x your stake
πŸ”” Bells5x your stake
πŸ’° Coin Pouch8x your stake
🍯 Pot of Coins10x your stake
πŸŽ„ Green Ornament25x your stake

On the other hand, the game has some signs that give out big wins. These include the Lucky Tiger and a Gold Ingot. To see what each picture pays when you bet the top amount, look at the table below:

SymbolSet of 3
πŸͺ™ Gold Sycee100x your stake
🐯 Fortune Tiger250x your stake

The Exciting Signs of the Lucky Tiger

Get ready for a wild ride through the magic world of Lucky Tiger, where each sign means something special. At the center of the game are two great signs, each with its own power to boost your wins.

Meet the Wild Sign, shown by the grand Lucky Tiger itself. As you spin the reels, this bright animal is ready to show its strength, taking the spot of the Wild sign. With one move, it can take the place of all other signs that pay, making way for big wins and big prizes.

The show still goes on. Get set for the Multiplier Sign, a jar of shiny coins marked with a prized 10x multiplier. When luck is on your side and you get winning combos, the Multiplier sign comes to life, making your wins bigger with its strong force. Get ready for a big jump in your winnings, boosted by an amazing 10x, leading to huge wealth with each turn.

In the enchanting world of Lucky Tiger, these signs are more than just pictures on the reels – they open doors to lots of chances, where luck and future come together to make big winning moments. So, use the strength of the Wild and the power of the Multiplier, and let the journey start as you go after your dreams in the magic charm of Lucky Tiger.


What time of day is good for playing BC Game's Fortune Tiger slot device?

Since Fortune Tiger is a game of hazard and appropriate fortune can strike at any time, there’s no perfect time to play.

Which Fortune Tiger online casino sport has what RTP?

Fortune Tiger has a 96.81% RTP, which is alternatively appealing.

What is Fortune Tiger's degree of volatility?

Fortune Tiger has a moderate degree of volatility.

What is the very best viable win on the BC Game Fortune Tiger slot device?

Impressively, the most feasible win is 2,500 times your wager.

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